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Novel Links

Novel Links are a little late this week due to some crazy life happenings, but we’re back on schedule and missing our world traveler husband/dog dad very much. Here you are:


Oh, if only I were in New York today for the Random House open house. Swoon.


Barnes & Noble’s book nerd problems are great. I was going to call out my favorites, but there are just too many.


As my friend Katie said, “Somebody give this girl a scholarship!”


I’m Dumbledore, and I’m totally good with that.


Let’s go to all of the coolest bookstores in the U.S.


Are you a fan of the shelfie?


On a final, more serious note, these familiar men are taking a stand against sexual assault. Bravo.


That’s all, friends. Also, we’re on official baby Reagan count down! Squeeee!

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